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HIGHCAMP Hiking Socks provide protection and durability on tough terrains. Our Hiking Socks Heavy Series have a heavy cushion with extra fabric that will provide abrasion protection from those rugged and long hikes. HIGHCAMP Hiking Socks heavy Series are made with Anti-Bacteria Fabric which is designed to resist colonization by bacteria to reduce the risk of spreading infection and developing unpleasant odors keeping you feeling cool and dry. With our Hiking Socks you will feel comfortable no matter if you’re an average hiker or a professional.
If you prefer Hiking Socks that are not too thick in fabric? We have our HIGHCAMP Hiking Socks Light Series. With a Breathed and Wicking Design which creates airflow in the fabric by creating channels to induce airflow. These Hiking Socks are suitable for the summer months.

HIGHCAMP Compression Socks come in a variety of colors and sizes for both men and women. With less cramping and increase performance using our HIGHCAMP Compression Socks, you will be able to achieve your exercise goals. Compression socks provide graduated compression for Plus Series. Meaning that higher compression is available if needed.

Elastic garments worn around the leg, compressing the limb. This reduces the diameter of distended veins and causes an increase in venous blood flow velocity and valve effectiveness. Compression therapy helps decrease venous pressure, prevents venous stasis and impairments of venous walls, and relieves heavy and aching legs.

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